Five WhatsApp news for July: animated stickers, QR codes for contacts and more dark mode

We bring you the five great news that will come to WhatsApp in the coming weeks , and that have just been announced by the instant messaging company . They are a battery of small additions to have better conversations and interactions with all our contacts.

We have already explained some of the news since they came to WhatsApp beta, such as animated stickers or the QR code to share contacts . But in the coming weeks they will be arriving along with the rest of the news to all users of the application, including those who use its final version.

We have already explained this novelty to you , and it is about the possibility of downloading and using stickers that move like those that have been used on Telegram for months. These stickers offer a new way of expressing feelings, since you do not have to interpret drawings but simply see what the character you share does , which offers a more explicit and visual experience.

The point is that until now animated stickers were only in WhatsApp Beta , so with this announcement it is expected that it will arrive soon in the final version of the application so that we can all use them.

If you are a WhatsApp Beta user, for a few weeks now you can try this function of sharing your contact with a QR code , and it really helps to make the experience of contacting others much more dynamic when you are in front of them in person. You no longer have to give your phone number to add it to the phonebook.

What you are going to do with this function is to generate a file with a temporary QR code, your photo and your phone number . Thus, the rest of users will only have to open the new code reader of the application and scan it to add you to their contacts. Hopefully the feature will soon reach all users.