Hunt for the tech!
PARAM organizes event "TECH-HUNT".

It is a 3 level event in which teams will be eliminated at different levels and attractive prizes will be distributed to the Winner and first Runner-Up Team.
Level 1: An Aptitude Test, based on general programming knowledge.
Level 2: X-Round, Questions are asked to the participants from a video clip.
Level 3: Treasure Hunt, Clues are provided to the finalist team throughout the Computer Labs.

Rules And Regulations :
1. It is a Team Event of exactly two members in each team.
2. Only the First 25 Teams will be entertain.
3. Only 2nd, 3rd and Final Year students are allowed to participate.
4. Students from different classes can also participate in a particular team.

Held around October 31, 2014.

Note - This event is over kindly wait for next session.