Microsoft Student Partner [MSP]

Microsoft Student Partner [MSP]

Microsoft Student Partner - PARAM MGM

Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are the technology enthusiasts who loves to build communities in their University/College and share their experience and knowledge with their colleagues.

What is Microsoft Student Partners Program ?

The Microsoft Student Partners Program is an annual award program spanning over 100 countries around the world, thousands of Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) share their deep knowledge and passion for technology with their fellow students. They master the latest technical content provided by Microsoft Imagine and share what they learn, building leadership and communication skills along with technical expertise.

Major Benefits -

Leadership Skills : Hosting workshops, events and demos on college to build community of students.

Build Resume : Working with Microsoft professionals, one can enhance their technical skills and all this you can have it on your CV (Resume).

Exclusive Access : Join exclusive Microsoft training events to expertise your carrier skills and access to latest technology events.

Who can apply for MSP Program ?

Yes, you are eligible for MSP candidate under following criteria :
Must be 18 + years old.
- Full time Bachelor/Master related degree or recognized course from any reputed College/University..
- Passionate about technology and share them with their College/University community.

Microsoft Student Partners do incredible thing like - Reference
  • Discover and try latest Microsoft technologies - Be the first to try Microsoft products before even getting released which is quite amazing and learn all the special feature and specs of the next Microsoft technologies. Remember the more you know about stuff around you, the more innovative you get.
  • Learn new coding languages - As Microsoft Student Partner you’ll learn how to develop Windows Phone and Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 application using C#, XNA, UWP basics and many more. This program will be a kind of proof on how much effort you put on your knowledge.
  • Develop applications for Windows Phone and Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 - So now that you’ve learned C#, you’re able to develop Windows Phone and Windows applications. I’m sure you’re wondering “Why should I develop apps for Windows Phone and not for Android or iOS?” Well think about it like this: There are a lot of apps on iOS and Android. So the competition will be harder if you release an app there. On the other side, the Microsoft Marketplace is new so there will be less competition. For instance, there are many popular games that can’t be found on Windows Phone like “Clash of Clans” or “Candy Crush”. So why not create something similar to them on the marketplace? You can make a lot of money from it and it’s really nice to say on your CV that your app is one of the top apps on the marketplace.
  • Meet international Microsoft employees and Student Partners - You’ll meet people that are important at Microsoft such as the DPE Lead, Country Manager, Technical Evangelists, MEA Technical Audience Marketing Director at Microsoft and many more. It’s really nice of getting a feedback from professional people as this will give you an idea of how people work at Microsoft and how good it is from the inside. Also you’ll meet other student partners around the world.
  • Benefit from an internship at Microsoft or one of its partners - If you have a dream of working for Microsoft well it’s a chance to prove yourself! The Microsoft Student Partner program gives the opportunity for students to work at Microsoft or one of its partners. This is very beneficial in the future since Microsoft is sending you to its partners. It’s a sort of recommendation you’re getting that you have what it takes to develop and help in building applications on the store.
  • Represent Microsoft at your University/College - Now this is the important part of being a Microsoft Student Partner. The moment you join the program you’ll become an ambassador for Microsoft at your university/college. What does an ambassador do? Well he mainly represents Microsoft, introduce students to the new technologies and finally hold seminars and development sessions. So this shows that you have leadership experience and could help you if you’re applying for any management position.
  • Give Seminars and improve your presentation skills - One of the skills you’ll get when you join the program is enhancing your presentation skills. As mentioned before you’re becoming an ambassador. You’ll be giving presentations and seminars at your university/college. So if one of your biggest fears is of standing in front of an audience, now is the chance to overcome it. Don’t forget during your career you are going to give presentations and deliver your ideas in a clear and straight manner.
  • Get Microsoft products for free on MSDN - The moment you join the program you’ll be evaluated on your performance during the year. If you dedicate yourself to the program you’ll receive some valuable prize such as MSDN. For those who don’t know, MSDN provides you with all Microsoft products available on the market along with 5 product keys for each.
  • Have it on your CV - The moment you graduate from university you’ll start applying for jobs. Fine, but what differentiate two students having the same GPA with an empty CV? Putting in your CV that you were in the Microsoft Student Partner program will show the company you’re applying to that you’re dedicated, passionate, ambitious and willing to learn new things. So this is a huge plus on your CV!

Microsoft Student Partner - PARAM MGM

How to apply -

For complete detail of the above activities, rules and regulations visit - MSP

For becoming an MSP you need to register for Microsoft DreamSpark to verify your eligibility as a student.
Note:- DreamSpark was renamed to Microsoft Imagine. According to Microsoft as a DreamSpark student or participant in the Imagine Cup, this is a critical program change.
Microsoft Imagine Link - Microsoft Imagine

Since we are the only technical society in our college to promote Microsoft's new technologies and services and it is our duty to encourage students to participate and be a part of the largest Microsoft Student Community. Our members will provide guidance and assist you to complete your enrollment in this program.

For more details about this MSP Program you can contact any team member of PARAM Society or you can send us your query regarding the release date and selection process to our email or by filling the contact form at the bottom.

Disclaimer - The above provided information may change at any time and Microsoft holds all the rights related this student program.

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